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first off I love all of your work, but can this be used for Commercial use?

Amazing animations! considering using this as a player character in my game. :)

Are you available for custom work?

how much do you charge for complete custom sprite?

Warren Clark, I really like your style. I wish you could make other sprites like this!

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Just Awesome! Warren Clark, brother I have just became a fan of your work! BTW Can I use this in my Game as the Boss? Giving you credits and link to your profile would be my pleasure!

Cheers man all my work on here is free to use in any way ud like and credit would be awesome cheers.

Warren Clark bro your name I will always remember. Your free assets are Awesome and I was amazed that the character sprites I liked most of it belongs to you in itchio :D


Hey Warren :) I really like your game art please notice me HAHAHA

awesome work, the zip files and individual sprites really helped

great work as always :)

Cheers mate appreciate it!

Do you have a naked base of this sprite ?? without the cape & accessorys ?

no but it's something I will add in the future.

Awesome! can't wait :D