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I steal this for my project ;-)

i like it!

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hello, maybe make some pixelart postapocaliptic chartacters ?

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Hey Warren, I recently started getting into pixel art and sprite animations for a side project of mine and I really liked this sprite ! I made other animations for it, feel free to use them as you wish, they were done by me for practice ! Let me know what you think :) 

3 Hit Combo:

Crouch 3 Hit Combo:

Backflip Attack:


Jump (needs work):


I made  a blacksmith hammer from an axe once !

Nice hammer! Cool :)

Love this!

Tthanks for this Sprite, Warren, i used it recently in an endless runner project i worked on as part of a game jam :)

that's awesome got any footage or links to the game would love to see it.

yeah! it's available as a html game on itch :)

this is awesome mate any chance I can link this game on my twitter?

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Yes! Please do! my twitter is @Liquidcult i'll be sure to follow you :)

If you would like the Death animation for the player that i made in my game, here it is :)

Basically belongs to you anyway ;)

hi plaise i want the dead animation