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Can i use this for commercial projects???

I love you and your work

 thank you!!

Had to sign up so I could follow you! Great assets. Love the attack animation on this one! :)

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Cool character ! Here's a try at a sliding/mouvement animation I did for this character:

Hey men just wanted to say that that's a really nice animation and I would really appreciate if you could check what's up with the link because it's blocked. I really need it for my school project. Thank You.

Just fixed it for you, I reworked the attack animation to add more effects on the "robe", you can check it out on my profile through the link.

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Thank You so so much.

 It's really nice to have an active community that is willing to help others.

 I will mention you in credits for sure.

i love you and your work, thank you


That's awesome! Such a cool character. 

What kind of copyright restrictions do you put on your work?

Very nice looking FX!

Cheers mate.