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What license this asset have? Can I use it for commercial games? Thanks!


Thanks dude😇

I made a dungeon platformer games using free assets.

Dungeon Platformer

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Hey guys I noticed that a lot of you mentioned the broken asset so I decided to "repair" it myself so here it is (with no background of course!)


Thank you kindly

Thanks for share! (bow)

Can't recommend downloading this at all, the asset is broken and unusable in this state, real shame honestly.

broken asset :(


pls create individual sprites.

they are easier to use.

I use this sprite as my filters' icon. Really, inspired me so much!

Thank you.

My dude, the frames are cutoff. Can it be fixed?


can i use this for commercial projects?


Yup assets are broken


rly broken pictures, wtf

You Know one thing? I have a separate Big Folder named "AWESOME WARREN CLERK ASSETS".... I am your Big Fan!! I will credit you at the First of my Game, and Gonna Change my Main Character and Choose one your Assets from my this Folder.... LOVE your WORKs <3

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Oh MY! Warren Clerk!! Are your Sprites Following ME!?! THE AWESOME SPRITES I choose I just see it's YOURS!! You are obviously an Awesome Guy my Buddy!! Please Lemme use them in my Game!!

Hey this might be dumb question but how do I use these animations in Unity?

Dude just look it up its not a simple answer

what i should put in here please help 

and how can i delete the wallpaper

Go to a pixel editor software, like Aseprite or GraphicsGale or PyxelEdit or Photoshop to remove the Wallpaper, using ASEPRITE will be easier for you, 

Change filter mode to point for pixel art. 


Really Nice work im fan ! 

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tem o dele andando ou parado


These are awesome.

Looks great dude!

cheers mate

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The file "wizard attack.png" is off a bit. Could we get a fixed version? Other then that, this is amazing. Thank you for your time and skill!


I'll will try and update that later today and cheers glad you liked it.

can you please update this?


one year and still broken. RIP


Awesome lights dude! keep making art!