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Here's a random assortment of assets i've made while working on a game I'm not going to finish, so feel free to use in any way you want. Credit would be appreciated but not necessary. I will be adding to this with more sprites in the future, any comments good or bad would be appreciated, cheers.


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random platformer game assets.zip 56 kB


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Hello! I used your character art for Weekly Game Jam week 171. You're credited both in game and on the itch page here  https://sleepyrogue.itch.io/dungeon-nap. Thanks for making great assets free!

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Can I use this sprite for commercial purposes?

used some of your stuff, thanks a lot man! heres the  game if you wanna look at it. https://brendon-sutherland.itch.io/slime-anarchy

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I have used your artwork in a free to play Android game available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devigncode.cantstopthehop.android

You have been credited as per instructions on our credits page here: http://devigncode.oo.gd/cant-stop-the-hop/Credits.html

Thanks for producing great artwork!

I just used your "Player" sprite in a submission for a GameJam today, if you want to check the game out it's here. He's not the player anymore though, his name now is Silvio and he's a host of a famous Show called Spin the Wheel!

i won't be using any of these assets, but i did at least want to comment that i love your bouncy, animated graphics style and i'm going to subscribe to you just to see what your personal projects are; i'm interested in seeing how these kinds of assets could be put to use. keep up the excellent work!

hello warren, i want make a game but i don´t know draw (sprites), we can make a game together?


What the hell warren ? It says free plarformer assets, why are you charging us money ? For once i thought someone would care less about money and try to support students on a budget, but no, turns out you're just straight up lying now.

I hope this is a joke. If yes: Well done mate. You made me laugh. If no: Please hold your breath as long as you can and 20 seconds longer, then tell me about what you felt and you should be fine. Have a nice day!


Lol, i laughed my ass out looking at your reply mate, well said. Indeed, i was just messing around.

Nice to hear! Have a nice day!

MAN!! REALLY!! I again searched And came to your Assets @WarrenClerk, I think you are inside of my system! OKay, well, well, AWESOME,, LOVED IT <3

Hi Warren!

First off, thank you for providing such amazing sprites for free! Some of your sprites will work perfectly for my game. Considering that you've done an amazing job on, I was wondering if you'd like to help out with my pixel game that I'm making. I don't want to take up too much of your time, so if you're interested, I'd love to discuss this further and share more details with you! Is there a  way I can get in contact with you besides itch.io? Thanks!

- Nick

Cheers for the compliment and reaching out. You can reach me at warren_clark86@hotmail.com. 

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just what i needed new nice monsters for my magic forest game keep making them and cheers man

cheers man glad you like it and I'll be adding in the future.

Great release mate ;)

cheers mate 😊