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An early attempt at a rogue like character with a run , idle and attack animation still very rough but feel free to use in your project and again any comments good or bad would be appreciated. cheers. updated with attack animations!

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AuthorWarren Clark
Tags16-bit, 2D, Roguelike, Sprites


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Oh for some reason the attack animations are 32x32 while the running animations are 80x80. That's really strange, any way to fix that?

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.XwinStudio.HeroesDashRun

Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

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Hello, first of all I want to say you created an awesome sprite and it's helping me a lot, I would want to know if you mind if I create new animations (jump / dead) with this sprite and use them in my project?

This thing is Just AWESOME!! I am in love with Your WORKS, Buddy!! Please Allow me to use this In my Game!! I am adding just some png or image if others credits, But I am Making a GIF or small Video of how much you helped, Your assets, their Links, And Your Twitter, note: I am also a follower of you in Twitter

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Hey! @hampel_evan on twitter :D Im working on a really cool game! I would love for you to join the team and possibly work on some art!

Hi, this character looks amazing and I would love to use it in a game. However I would have to slightly change so it would fit lore wise.

Is that ok for you? (I would credit you of course) And if so, could I sell/make profit of the game if it would contain slightly changed version of this sprite?


yeah man your totally free to do what u want with it I'm just happy you can use it in a game credit is appreciated but not required.

Thank you for this! I used it on one of my itch.io games if ou wanna check it out. I credited you ofc.


My pleasure I love seeing what people can do with my art. Your game looks great. Also cheers for the credit and if u make anything else in the future plz hit me up.

I will dude. Your art is awesome :D

Love the feel of this little guy.

Thx for the awsome sprites!

cheers mate appreciate it!

I'm amazed how quickly you can create nice looking characters! Kudos to you :)
Just started drawing on some new animations myself!

Cheers mate been following ur work too really great stuff can't wait to see ur animations :-)