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A quick design of a royal knight basically an excuse to keep practicing my animations. Feel free to use and improve on. Any comments good or bad would be appreciated. Cheers!


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royal knight idle animation.png 2 kB
royal knight single frame.png 1 kB
royal knight attack.png 4 kB


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This is amazing,I am going to make a pixel art game with your assets and your name will be in the menu!

The animations are really cool, also do you have a cheers obsession?

the background is not transparent so how do i make it transparent?


use a photo editor their are plenty that are availble

This guy is amazing. He's going to be the lead villian in my pixel art game :)

That's cool would love to see it in action any chance u could send me a link to ur game when it's ready.

I most definitely will and I'm also gonna credit you front and center. :)

Cheers man appreciate the support!

Hey man. I have a playable demo on itch.io if you're interested. If you give me your email or follow me back on twitter @joevu (So i can private msg you there) I can give you the download key. Cheers.

cheers man ill follow you on twitter.

Yo Warren! You are by far the best pixel artist i have seen, and i was wondering how you design and animate all your sprites?

Cheers for the compliment mate but I'm far from being a great pixel artist, still have a lot to learn and improve on. I basically learn all my stuff from youtube tutorials and following other pixel artists on twitter and studying there work.


I've been digging your pixel guys. This one's great as well. The idle animation feels a little off though. Like his shoulders go way too high.

Yeah ur right was experimenting with my idle animations trying to get the illusion that he's breathing up and down but it ended up looking over exaggerated will update it. Cheers for the feedback mate hope u enjoy more in the future.


Really like the sword and legs in the attack animation! Could had been more "swoosh" in the cape and maybe a bit more stability to the shield, feels a bit wobbly. But that's my personal preference, take it or leave it :)


Cheers for the feed back yes ur right shield needs a little more work and I'm still learning how to animate cloth properly in motion. I'll try and improve it as I get better. Cheers.


I love it and archer.

Cheers man appreciate it!