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Just started doing pixel art several months ago first attempt at my own character with a few animations.


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viking shield block_Animation 1_0.png 3 kB
viking shield block_Animation 1_1.png 3 kB
viking shield block_Animation 1_2.png 3 kB
viking shield block_Animation 1_3.png 3 kB
viking shield block_Animation 1_4.png 3 kB
viking idle_idle_0.png 3 kB
viking idle_idle_1.png 3 kB
viking idle_idle_2.png 3 kB
viking run_run_0.png 2 kB
viking run_run_1.png 2 kB
viking run_run_2.png 2 kB
viking run_run_3.png 2 kB
viking run_run_4.png 2 kB
viking run_run_5.png 2 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_0.png 3 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_1.png 3 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_2.png 3 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_3.png 3 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_4.png 3 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_5.png 3 kB
viking slash_Animation 1_6.png 3 kB


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I am copy pasting this comment so That I can reach you . This Creature is Just AWESOME!! I am in love with Your WORKS, Buddy!! Please Allow me to use this In my Game!! I am adding just some png or image if others credits, But I am Making a GIF or small Video of how much you helped, Your assets, their Links, And Your Twitter, note: I am also a follower of you in Twitter.